Grizzly 2.1.2 has been released!

The Grizzly community has released 2.1.2!

2.1.2 Feature Guide

  • Bundles! For developer convenience, we’ve added several bundles that are aggregates of existing modules.
    • grizzly-core
      • This bundle is comprised of the grizzly-framework, grizzly-portunif, and grizzly-rcm jars.
      • Maven coordinates:  groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-core.
    • grizzly-http-server-core
      • This bundle is comprised of the grizzly-core bundle, as well as the grizzly-http-server, grizzly-http-ajp, and grizzly-http-server-multipart jars.
      • Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-http-server-core.
    • grizzly-comet-server
      • Comprised of:  the grizzly-http-server-core bundle as well as grizzly-comet jar.
      • Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-comet-server.
    • grizzly-websockets-server
      • Comprised of: the grizzly-http-server-core bundle as well as grizzly-websockets jar.
      • Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-websockets-server.
    • grizzly-http-servlet-server
      • Comprised of: the grizzly-http-server-core bundle as well as grizzly-http-servlet jar.
      • Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-http-servlet-server.
    • grizzly-http-all
      • Comprised of: all bundles listed above
      • Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-http-all.
  • Re-introduction of the Grizzly OSGi HTTP Service.
    • Maven coordinates for the standalone jar:  groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly.osgi, artifactId: grizzly-httpservice.
    • For developer convenience there is also a bundle available that includes the JAR above as well as exposing HTTP Servlet and Comet support.  Maven coordinates: groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly.osgi, artifactId: grizzly-httpservice-bundle.
  • JAXWS Server
    • HTTP+JAXWS enabled server.  Maven coordinates:  groupId: org.glassfish.grizzly, artifactId: grizzly-http-server-jaxws.
  • Improved WebSockets support
    • Supports WebSockets drafts -76 through -08.  The version to be used for communication will be selected based on the handshake.  If it can’t be detected, then -76 will be selected.
  • We’re on Maven Central! Feel free to remove the old maven repository references.

In addition to these features, there have been numerous bug and performances fixes. See the release notes for details.

Looking forward, here is what we have planned for 2.2:

  • Async HTTP Client.  This client is a a Grizzly 2.x implementation of Sonatype’s Async HTTP Client.  The initial code has already been donated, but we plan to offer a bundle that includes only the Grizzly and JDK providers.  The code is still in an alpha state and would love to obtain some feedback from the community, so if you’re already using the AHC or are shopping around for a HTTP client library, please consider giving this implementation a shot.
  • FileChannel.transferTo() support (referred to as “sendfile” support).  This feature is currently in progress and will allow for efficient file transfers at the Grizzly core framework level.  We’ll then add code to take advantage of this feature at the HTTP level.
  • Google Protocol Buffer support.  This feature is baked, but we’re waiting on some red tape to be cut before we can integrate.  You can view the code here.

We, the community, hope you find this release useful. If you have any problems with this release, or have some ideas for improvements or new features, please log an issue as appropriate. Several of the project developers can also be found on in the #grizzly channel. Stop by and chat. However, if IRC isn’t your style, the mailing lists are always an option.

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