Grizzly 2.2 Async HTTP Client

Many of you may already be familiar with the Async HTTP Client Library project originally started by Jean-Francois Arcand during his tenure at Ning. One of the many nice features offered by this API is the ability to plug in different network libraries. Past releases of the library included providers for the JDK, Apache, and Netty. This past June, we donated a provider implementation based on Grizzly 2.1.2.

The Grizzly implementation, as it currently stands, should be considered beta quality. On going work is happening here. So if anyone wishes to contribute patches, please fork that repository and issue pull requests. In turn, we’ll continue to send pull requests to the Sonatype folks (at least until we are granted privileges to commit directly).

In addition to this, we will be providing a bundle of our own that includes the HTTP Codec library (grizzly-http) as well as the AHC library and includes only the Grizzly provider. Currently, this bundle is only available as a snapshot, but will be included as part of the final Grizzly 2.2 release.

To start kicking the tires of the bundle, a few preliminary steps are required. First, you’ll need to add a repository element for the Java.Net maven snapshot repository.

Next, add the dependency to pull in the snapshot.

With that out of the way, you can start playing. A trivial example:

Documentation appears to be somewhat scattered at the moment. See:

If, when testing, you find any issues with the Grizzly provider, please log them here using the http client component. We’ll address them ASAP.

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