How Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack Works?

Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack is a unique online variant of the classic blackjack. The goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible without exceeding this value.

You play against the dealer. If you hit him or exceed 21 points, you have won.

You can also take out insurance; the insurance is paid 2: 1. This is insurance against a blackjack held by the dealer.

Place your bets: In the beginning, you select your bet and place it on the game table. With Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack, you can play up to five hands at a time.

The cards are dealt: As soon as you have placed your bets, you get two cards face up.

Hit / Stand: You now have to decide whether you want to request more cards (“hit”) or not buy more cards (“stand”). Once you’re done, the dealer will either ask for additional cards or refrain from doing so.

The croupier must continue to buy cards with a soft 17 – i.e., with 17 points with an ace. In multi-hand bonus blackjack, an ace has a value of either 1 or 11.

Double Down / Split, so you can also choose to double or split. If you double up, you also bet on a 9, 10 or 11. You only get one more card – and only one.

Couples can be divided into new hands up to four times. Once you have split a hand, you continue to bet until you have either overbought or decided not to ask for another card.

Payout odds – there are three of these with Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack:

Beat the dealer – you beat the dealer: it is paid out in a ratio of 1: 1

Get blackjack – you have blackjack: the payout is 3: 2

Insurance bet – you insure yourself: it is paid out in a ratio of 2: 1

Bonus bet: You can also place an additional bet on the field provided for bonus bets. There are bonus payouts for the following hands:

  • Ace of Spades and Jack of Spades : 50: 1
  • Ace and Jack of diamonds, clubs or hearts: 25: 1
  • Two cards of the same suit: 5: 2

Choose from four different game modes.

Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack has four unique game modes for you to choose from:

  • Multi-hand: play up to five hands at a time; there are two decks of cards in use.
  • Multi-hand bonus: play up to five hands at a time and place a bonus bet on the strength of the hand. There are two decks of cards in use.
  • High Streak: Play up to five hands at a time and place a side bet on multiple wins in a row. There are two decks of cards in use.
  • Hi-Lo: With Hi-Lo, you can place a side bet on the first two cards you receive.

Top tips for multi-hand bonus blackjack

In multi-hand blackjack, you can play several hands at the same time. This can give you an advantage if the croupier has a weak hand. This gives you five chances of winning every game.

With a few simple tips, you can improve your chances of multi-hand blackjack.

1 – Face cards are worth their weight in gold

In Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack, only two decks are used. The picture cards are even more valuable than with the classic variant. Avoid splitting the face cards that you’d rather hold at 20.

2 – Split your aces

Because of the smaller number of cards in play, it is a good idea to split your aces and focus on generating hands with cards of low value.

3 – play aggressively

Remember: you don’t have to win all five hands. It is, therefore, worth playing two or three hands a little more aggressively to win safely.

4 – spitting

A cheat sheet shows you the best moves based on your cards and those of the dealer. Play a little more aggressively when the dealer shows a low-value card like 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

5 – Beware of side bets

The bonus side bets give Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack an interesting twist. First, however, get an idea of ​​whether the potential payouts even justify the bets.

In the case of a black ace of spades and ace of spades, a payout of 50: 1 is given; the chances of getting these two cards are much higher.

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